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1/26/12 Fitz Podcast-Fitz In The Morning 7am Hour

45:40 minutes 1/26/12 Fitz Podcast-Fitz In The Morning 7am Hour

It's Fitz In The Morning! This hour Randy starts us off with the Biscuit Birthday List! Fitz is a little nervous about going to the doctor with Bethany to get a 4D ultrasound of Baby Fitz. He's really hoping Baby Fitz won't look like an alien from Avatar. Tony has the first round of the "What Are You Kidding Me?!" stories of the day. Also, Mama Fitz calls in to play "Mama's Melody." Can you guess the song? Fitz and the crew talk about a recent poll on what people would miss to see the Super Bowl and Ellen has the good, the bad and the gossip. Yep, it's the Fitz Files! Tune in for all of the details!

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